The Vermont Elections Division has very high praise for the election results database developed for Vermont by Civera. In the past, Elections Division staff had to search through dozens of files and hundreds of documents each time a request for past election data was received.  Now, most of the requests received by staff can be satisfied by simply directing the requestor to the archive.  With source documents available directly from the site, users are able to access the primary source information to validate the results on the site.

Development and delivery of the website was executed in a professional, expedient, and efficient manner by the team at Civera.  Source data was provided by Vermont and with very little additional work or time invested by Vermont staff, the website was delivered polished and ready to publish.  The Civera team was easy to work with, patient, and timely.

Overall, both the project execution and product delivered by Civera were above standard and met the high expectations of the Vermont Elections Division.  I would not hesitate to work with Civera again on future IT projects.

William SenningDirector of ElectionsSecretary of Vermont

The development of this database is central to our mission of creating a more informed and engaged public. Making it free and easily accessible was important to us. All results are downloadable, and anyone can turn them into easy maps and graphics.

Betsy GardellaPresident & CEONew Hampshire Public Radio

PD43+ is a truly invaluable resource for those interested in Massachusetts politics at all levels, and provides an easy-to-use, clean interface for accessing election data.

Jessica Pisano JonesReference AttorneySocial Law Library

The value of this database is immeasurable. Historically, state governments have managed electoral archives very poorly. ElectionStats brings a wealth of knowledge to the fingertips of every citizen interested in any and all electoral results. It is a windfall for any journalist, scholar, or citizen interested in surveying election outcomes, and will save them hundreds of hours sifting through PDFs and paper.

Dr. Wayne LesperanceDirector of the Center for Civic EngagementNew England College

PD43+ is a very handy tool for anyone interested in studying election results.  It makes publicly available data infinitely more available.

Will BrownsbergerState SenatorCommonwealth of Massachusetts

PD43+ is a great resource for citizens, the media, and political scientists to analyze election data.  It puts election data from all Massachusetts elections at your fingertips.  Extremely easy to use, fast, and colorful, the tool provides a clear picture of elections in Massachusetts. Every politically active citizen should give it a try.

Pam WilmotExecutive DirectorCommon Cause Massachusetts

The PD43 official state reports are vital to social scientists, to political practitioners, and to citizens. The online PD43+ database replaces a bookshelf full of hard copies of this report and is so remarkably searchable as to transform research.

Dr. Maurice CunninghamAssociate Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of Massachusetts

We are very encouraged to see the Secretary take an aggressive step in bringing Massachusetts voters in line with other forward-thinking states.

Cheryl Clyburn CrawfordExecutive DirectorMassVOTE

I can now compare how each town voted in every election going back decades. I can see how state political maps evolved. It’s the first time it was available in a searchable and organized format. The database brings enormous value both to the state and researchers and the political establishment.

Steve KoczelaPresidentMassINC Polling Group

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